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Fund Description

This fun aims to provide sustainable capital capital appreciation and regular income for investors seeking long term returns. The Fund principally invests in a full spectrum of permitted investments and projects which will appreciate in value

This enables investors to benefit from the added value of the different strategies while simultaneously reducing the total risk level. As such, this fund generates very attractive returns and offers effective capital protection throughout the economic cycle.

Why invest

Significant feature of the fund

Fund Name
Sapphire Fund – Derivatives
Type of Fund
Investment in Derivatives
Fund Size
Up to USD 1.0 million
1 year
Initial Offer Price
USD 1.00
Financial year end
31st December
Share Type
Preference shares with par value of USD 1.00
Share Class
Single Class
Investment Region
Investment Target
Derivative Market
Dividend Rate
18.0% per annum
Min. Investment Amount
USD 125,000 or such other amounts as may be determined by the manager from time to time
Min. Subsequent Investment During The Offer Period
USD 50,000 or such other amounts as may be determined by the manager from time to time
Management fee
0 + yr
0 +
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Our company

Sapphire Pavilion Limited (SPL) was established since 2017, a company incorporated under Labuan Companies Act 1990. SPL is a Labuan Regulated Private Fund by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA), focusing on concentrated investments in diversified portfolio across a broad spectrum of regions, industries, and asset classes.

Our features

Being regulated by Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA), the 5 key features have been the foundation of the company’s growth

Fund Management size up to USD200.0 million

Grow SME to pre-IPO level and provide preparation for IPO

Ensure the transparency and compliancy of investment fund to investors

Provide long term capital growth and regular income for investors seeking in long-term returns

issuance of Redeemable Convertible Preference Share (RCPS) to Investors

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Investors will subscribe the Preference Shares in SPL, a regulated fund house in Labuan, Malaysia

Step 1

Sapphire Pavilion

Step 2

Derivatives Products

Step 3


  1. Application Form
  2. KYC Form
  3. Shares Subscription Agreement
  4. Remit to SPL’s bank account in Malaysia Bank : CIMB Bank / RHB Bank
  5. Issue Preference Shares to investors

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